How to Keep Cool This Aussie Summer.

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Australian summers are renowned for scorching hot days and steamy nights. From Brisbane to the back of Burke, Melbourne to Mooloolaba, we give you some great Australian ways, other than praying to the air-conditioning gods, to stay cool this summer.

Get Wet!

brisbane-water-fightWater is the great refresher, and whilst in Queensland we must be water aware, there are ways of cooling down without using megalitres.

Water balloon fight! Throwing water balloons at each other is quintessential summer fun! You don’t even have to be a kid to get a kick from being splorched with a water bomb. For extra cooling effect, place filled balloons in the fridge for half an hour prior to application.

Back yard sprinklers are not just for growing grass. Even if you don’t have the energy to run and jump and giggle through cascades of water, finding a shaded spot and lying down in soft lawn with a gentle mist floating over you is blissful.

30 seconds in a cold shower will do wonders for heat stress and fatigue. Rinse off and pat dry, slip into something more comfortable and float through the rest of the day.

Bunker Down.

IMG_0167The iconic Queenslander is a classic of environmental design and almost always has a large subfloor area perfect for hiding from the pernicious heat. Take the esky filled with cold refreshing beverages and finger food to tide you over until the heat retreats. If you don’t have a Queenslander, go visit a friend who does!

Shopping Centres’ are fantastic during the summer heat. Industrial Air-conditioning keeps frayed parents and irritable kids cool. Find a comfortable spot at a cafe, sip iced lattes or frappes and the only thing you have to worry about is giving the kids enough money to stay out of your hair, but not enough to get into (too much) mischief.

Shopping Centres’ also house that great escape from the scorching glare- The Cinema. It doesn’t matter what you watch, just sit back and enjoy the cool surrounds whilst consuming an icy chock top. For bonus points go see a horror film – it will be chilling!

Go Natural.

duck-diverInland creeks, streams, pools and waterways are amongst the most inviting places to escape from the torrid conditions. Take a long leisurely drive through shaded terrain concluding at a cooling oasis of natural beauty. Splash about in pristine waterways, repast on the shady banks. Don’t get eaten by crocodiles.

An Australian summer would not be complete without a trip to the beach. Prepare with beach umbrellas, a filled and chilled esky and your latest set of budgie smugglers. Watch

as the kids swim between the flags, have a crack at boogie boarding, build sandcastles whilst you finally get to read that book. Remember to slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen (30+) and slap on a hat. (Sunglasses and shade come highly recommended)

The Final Word.

ResidentialAir-Conditioning. No prayer required – It’s Science! Just pick up the trusty remote to your ducted air-conditioning system, set the temperature to 26 degrees and let that cool air flow over you. Close all the blinds in the house and isolate a room or two for the best air conditioning economy.

You could also get the split system air conditioner running and settle down to watch the test match. Whilst in 10 years you may have forgotten who won the game, you are sure to remember being cool and comfortable in your air conditioned lounge room.

Other people’s air-conditioning! What’s better than your own air-conditioned house? Somebody else’s! Summer is for socializing and surrounding yourself with family and good friends. (Good friends are the ones who have climate controlled ducted air conditioning systems in Brisbane.)

Bring beers and snacks to share, sit back, relax and your mates may even forget you’re only there for the air-con.

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