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Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane today is the most efficient system for those wanting a whole home Heating or cooling Solution in Brisbane. With a less intrusive appearance then other Air conditioning Systems and the convenience of controlling the temperature of your Brisbane home via a central controller. With a range of Modern grill options available, Ducted airconditoning is fast becoming a Must have feature for those wanting a sleek finish to their home.

Will you help me choose the right Ducted Air Conditioning system?

Here at the Air conditioning Advisory Centre Brisbane we take great pride in entire process from quoting and design right through to the installation and commissioning of the Ducted System. Whether you are wanting a system for your new home or an existing home, we will work alongside you to ensure that your needs are met consulting with you throughout the design process

The brands we recommend and sell are what we consider to be the best on the market. Systems using advance DC Rotary Compressors drawing much less power than old compressors. Increasing the surface area of the heat exchanger (coil on the outdoor and indoor) creates a much more effective way of extracting the unwanted heat from your home, but also doing this in a way without compromising the size of the unit. It’s not all about efficiency when it comes to Ducted Air conditioning noise is a big factor in your home comfort. Inflexed fan Blades are designed to reduce noise as it draws air over the coil which in turn means the running noise of the unit is kept at a minimal.

How does ducted air conditioning work?

A simple explanation of how Ducted Air conditioning works is by Cool or warm air traveling through Insulated Flexible Duct quietly throughout the ceiling and distributed through a selection of wall, floor or ceiling diffusers. The only visible features of the Ducted System inside of the home once the installation is complete are the diffusers, return air grill located in the ceiling and the central Zone controller.


How a ducted air con system works.

How a ducted air con system works.

Will the Ducted Air system work the way I want it to?

We can personalise not only the grills of the ducted system but You can also choose between a range of simple and different control systems to suit your needs. Some of the options that we recommend are the “My Air”, “Advantage Air” and “sky Zone” systems. Some of these systems allow you to remotely control your ducted Air conditioning system away from home. So no more coming home to hot house in summer and cold in winter. You can turn your system on before you arrive home making a Ducted system the ultimate customizable solution for your air conditioning needs.

How do I get a quote?

At the Air Conditioning Advisory Centre we offer an obligation free quote service where we will come to your home to discuss your needs and requirements. With over 26 Years of experience in the industry and all of our estimators Qualified tradesmen, you can trust that the Air conditioning Advisory centre can help you with finding the right solution for your home.

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